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Landhaus am Gries
Landhaus am Gries
Sustainable travel


Sustainability at the Landhaus am Gries in Lana

Local raw materials and sustainable living culture
We're always committed to using local materials for our buildings and furniture. The furniture in the new apartments of the Landhaus am Gries in Lana is made of local stone-pine wood. It smells incredibly well and has a calming effect on the human organism. All the work on our house was done by South-Tyrolean craftsmen.

We only use refillable cleaning products. We do our best to reduce and reuse plastic bottles as much as possible. On top of that, our cleaners use a steam cleaner, which is 100% ecological. Using a 200° dry steam, our steam cleaner is gentle on our employees while ensuring a sterile environment for our guests.

At this point, we want to thank you for being so diligent at separating your rubbish during your holiday.
We appreciate it a lot

Prints and brochures

Well, we love the digital world, you can find most of the information about your holiday on our webpage, on Facebook and Instagram. We try to print on paper as little as we can! We don't send mail after your holiday either. We're simply happy if you've enjoyed your holiday with us.

Low-impact tourism in South Tyrol

Sustainability – a hot topic that concerns us all. We all can do something about and even the smallest contribution will have a huge impact.We're all important in this world and if we join forces we'll achieve big things.
SouthTyrol, a paradise on Earth. Nature, mountains and dream landscapes as far as the eye can reach. A special place that is dear to our hearts.

Why look for new distant places when you have Paradise on your doorstep?

Before travelling, consider the distance you'll have to cover and perhaps you'll decide to stay locally and save time: it's gentler on your soul, on the environment and a lot less stressful. On your holiday in Lana, you'll make the most of your time and relax more. Take more time for yourself, it just feels good!

Getting to Lana by car

If you get here by car, at the Landhaus am Gries in Lana you get a free parking space, where you can safely leave your car throughout your holiday. There's a bike rental just around the corner (price reductions with the GuestPass!). Explore the surroundings on two wheels, the most environmentally-friendly way to enjoy your holiday. Public transport in South Tyrol is excellent and relies on an incredibly well-developed network. Needless to say, Lana is no exception and whether you want to travel by bus, train or cable car, you're well-connected with the rest of the region.

Arriving to Lana by train & bus

If you're travelling to Lana by train or bus, mother nature will be grateful and the new South Tyrol transfer will make your life easier. Moreover, you'll be able to travel stress-free and admire the wonderful nature from your seat on our comfortable buses and trains.

Here you'll find lots of useful information about bus and train travel. >>

Another small request ...

While South Tyrol also has a small airport in Bolzano, we urge you to consider all other possible means of travel – out of love and respect for the land, culture and nature. Please, try to fly as little as possible.

Traditional & exclusive restaurants in Lana and the surrounding area

In South Tyrol, you'll find a huge choice of great restaurants, mountain refuges, cafes, bakeries and pastry shops – we're happy to tell you more about them! It's our mission (and pleasure) to support the local economy and our guests can choose from a huge range of different culinary delights. Just enjoy it ♥ this is also a wonderful opportunity to experience the South Tyrolean food culture and hospitality. It' also a great chance to get closer to our traditions, for example by experiencing the traditional “Törggelen“ in autumn.

Farmers' markets in South Tyrol

Welcome to one of my favourite topics: the farmers' market. In South Tyrol you can still find the traditional weekly farmer's market. It's priceless: buying seasonal fruits, vegetables and flowers directly from the farmers. In addition, you will find wonderful honey, eggs and South Tyrolean craftsmanship. Yes, the farmer's market is always a great experience that reaches far down into your soul.

Holiday in South Tyrol is a holiday for the heart and soul! ♥

With lots of love,

kindly yours,

the Doná family and the team at the Landhaus am Gries